Video| Skype Debates Earth Day 2012

In honor of Earth Day 2012, Skype brought together a selection of panelists on a group video call to share their views on the environment. Watch a conversation on global climate change, environmental awareness, and some of the best practices for the Eco-conscious.


For over forty years, Earth Day has brought together people from all walks of life with the unifying goal of taking better care of our planet. In celebration of Earth Day this year, Skype has brought together four panelists from across the country to share their insights on the issues facing our planet today. They connected these environmentalists, entrepreneurs, authors, and Eco-enthusiasts on a group video call to give their take on the state of our environment, describe the positive changes they would like to see in the future, and to give some advice as to the best ways people can support the cause. Representing various facets of the ‘green’ movement, from the household to the workplace, they offer a diverse range of perspectives, and shed some light on one of the world’s most important topics.


  1. Alicia Chandler says

    I agree that we all need to be responsible for ourselves, whether a fad or not. I do like all the new ideas coming out to help us become more green, without really having to make major changes to our lives!

  2. Brittany C says

    I don’t think “Going Green” is a fad. Interesting video. I wasn’t aware that there are already stores that you can bring your own containers, like jars, so you can package your own food, its brilliant! I see so many plastic bags floating about. Its time to ban plastic:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. amy tolley says

    i do believe that everyone should start to do thier part so our kids and their kids can have s better and safer envoironment to live on

  4. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says

    I think so many people like to remain ignorant to the facts, but we just can’t. We all need to do our part no matter how small to give back to mother nature!

  5. Juli Guthrie says

    Not only are plastic bags not good for the environment, plastic isn’t good for us. I think everyone is starting to see the affects of global warming, and we need to take heed and do what we can to reverse it.

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