Hemp Window Treatments

Hemp was traditionally used as an industrial fiber and has been an important commodity dating back as far as 8,000 years. Hemp has been used to make canvases, ropes and even paper. Hemp was grown as a crop across the early United States. Hemp is has gained popularity as a fabric used as Hemp window treatments due to its low maintenance and clean, eco-friendly approach to home decor.

The Softer Side of Hemp

Although hemp is a tough-wearing fabric, its natural form was too rough and needed to be softened to be used as a window treatment. Natural glue in the hemp, called lignin, needed to be removed. Typically, the method to remove this glue in other fabrics included the use of acids. However, this method weakened the hemp, making it unusable.

It wasn’t until the late 1980s that a softening method using enzymes came about, allowing the glues to be removed while retaining the fabric’s strength. This breakthrough allowed hemp to be made into a fabric to be used in window treatments and a variety of other increasingly popular uses.

UV Rays

The hemp used in curtains and drapes found on the market is organically grown in Europe. Hemp window treatments are well insulated and allow natural light into any room while keeping harmful UV rays from entering the home. Unlike many other curtains, the hemp fabric will not break down from prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays.


Typically, curtains created from hemp are machine washable using warm water and should be hung on a line to dry. Hemp curtains may be placed in the dryer; however, the heat should be set to the lowest setting. If the curtains wrinkle, using an iron on the highest linen setting is recommended. Prolong the life of hemp curtains by not adding sharp creases or pleats, both will cause the fabric to deteriorate.

Environmental Benefits

Hemp window treatments are popular in homes with young children due to recent studies about harmful materials used in conventional window treatments.Along with other organic fabrics, hemp is also friendly to the environment. Hemp is a low-maintenance and fast-growing plant. Hemp produces more fiber than cotton and flax while using the same amount of acreage.

Another benefit to using curtains, drapes and shades created from hemp, is the vinyl mini blinds found in many homes could contain harmful levels of lead that is harmful to children and adults. When they are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, and they begin to deteriorate causing dust which is contaminated with the lead from the blinds and disbursed through the air.

Hemp Curtains can be purchased from a number of manufactures. You can find them on Rawganique.com for 55 – $109 (with rings).

Organic Hemp Curtains

About Rawganique:

Rawganique.com is a human-scale family business co-founded in 2000 by Thammarath “Touch” Jamikorn & Klaus Wallner on Denman Island. Rawganique offers sustainable products that are pure and sweatshop-free. Rawganique is also a deeply personal website that reflects the sustainable philosophies of its co-founders and customers.Touch and Klaus both live off-the-grid. Their sustainable lifestyle and respect for & humility towards Mother Nature are evident in everything they do. And in a big way, their lifestyle is the Rawganique.com story — small is beautiful, sustainable is abundant, quiet is soothing, natural is healing, pure is nourishing, and simple is bountiful and simply awe-inspiring!

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  1. Christine says

    Also a FL girl here…how are these at helping with temperature control? I like to have some light still come in, but I don’t want the sun to heat up all my nice air conditioned air either.

  2. Kristie Betts says

    I’m not a curatin person, my granmother in law mostly changed my curtains. She moved out a little over a year and I still have the same curtains up, but I’m gonna have to find me some Hemp curtains these are absolutely stunning simple but elegant and also good with the sun Thanks so much :)

  3. Kylie C says

    Thank you for the information- I’m always on the lookout for organic home products. I love the texture of these curtains.

  4. Rochelle says

    Love that hemp curtains allow natural light into any room while keeping harmful UV rays from entering the home. I am always looking for that balance. Plus, I like letting light in but not letting the whole neighborhood see in. I will have to try these. Thanks for the great post!

  5. Dovile says

    I’m interested in less known fabrics, and hemp is one of these. I didn’t know it keeps UV rays out – I’ll consider it for the room where my books collection is, as books turn yellow from UV rays as well as oxygen, so I try to keep them safe. And it’s great that the hemp fabric isn’t harmed by sunlight.

  6. Meghan Page says

    Thanks for a great article, the colors of these curtains are absolutely gorgeous, and love the idea of an all natural fabric for my curtains.

  7. Leslie Galloway says

    The sun coming through that curtain is so pretty! I love that hemp is organic. That’s important to us, as we have both kids and dogs. Thanks for all this info.

  8. Thessa says

    That’s the type of curtain that my mom has on her home and I like it more than than the usual cotton curtains because of its simplicity plus my mom’s house look organized with it. Nice information.
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  9. Michelle Tucker says

    I never knew they had hemp curtains. Thanks for the informative post. The only thing I’d be worried about it if they are solid enough to keep out this Texas sun.


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