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A New Year A New Me Giveaway Event

Welcome to A New Year, A New Me Giveaway Event hosted by Daily Mothering, Mommy of Two Little Monkeys and Mommy Digger! Do you want to become a healthier, fitter, slimmer, more beautiful YOU in 2012? Over 55 blogs have come together to present this exciting fitness and beauty event January 24th-31st! Each blog is giving away a fitness and/or beauty related prize worth $25 or more (and some are worth more than $100!). Enter my giveaway and then hop to the next blog on the list at the bottom of this post to have a chance to win more exciting prizes!


To help you get the New Year started off right Organic Mommy Today will be giving one Organic Mommy Today reader the chance to win a $100 gift card to Whole Foods.

This giveaway is sponsored by Organic Mommy Today and I would love to thank the many wonderful and amazing sponsors I have had that have made it possible for me to sponsor my own giveaway.


  1. June L says

    Starting out my quitting smoking. Then the healthier food. Then working out more. Tackling one thing at a time so I don’t get discouraged and make lasting habits.

  2. stephanie miller says

    we have switched to whole grains, brown rice, less red meat, more fish. we are also trying to get more exercise into our routine!

  3. Brandi Price says

    Besides trying to get financially healthy this year we are trying to eat better for the sake of our 3 year old!

  4. Jaclyn says

    Trying to get back into my exercise routine and start eating healthy again. Planning to hike through the Grand Canyon in May…hope I make it!

  5. Laurie Harrison says

    I’m going to work like heck on my yard and vege garden. It’s great exercise and I’m actually accomplishing something.

  6. Laurie Adams says

    In 2012 I am trying to drink more water. I am doing pretty well so far but, have lots of room for improvement. :)

  7. Mary Baker says

    I am trying to eat healthier in 2012, but it is hard to do on a very limited income. I spent all of last year fighting cancer so it is important to make some changes. To win this would help!

  8. Stephanie Hirsch says

    I am eating more whole foods rather than processed, staying away from white flour products, and increasing my exercising. =)

  9. Gina M Maddox says

    I have been on Nutrisystem and exercising regularly. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  10. Holly says

    I’m going to prepare more of my own meals so I’m not always eating fast foods or going to long without eating!

  11. ashlee lewis walls says

    i have cut out all pop and sweetened drinks for good and have started a daily workout routine with my best friend

  12. Kelley Johnsen says

    I gave myself a goal to do the 10k in March. I need to give myself a goal to get fit and healthy. So there is no turning back now! So far I am on schedule and doing great! To stay on this path I have also signed up to do a half marathon in December. I do not like doing poorly in any events so I will train this whole year for this event alone. This is definitely a new year and a New Me!

  13. Charlene R. says

    I promised myself I would exercise more, eat less, drink more water, eat more raw veggies, turn down every other desert offered and above all ….. Always Think Positive!

    Positive thoughts = Good Things

  14. Shari Lynn Alligood says

    I’ve began eating breakfast & so far so good have cut out fast food. New Year & hopefully a new healthier me!

  15. says

    I stopped getting tricked into buying 5 packs of Coke when my local grocery store does a huge sale. Plus, we’ve stopped cooking with so much butter and salt.

  16. Jeffery Ewald says

    I am going to walk daily, then eventually start running, as well as eat healthier, getting more fiber in my diet, and of course, cutting out all of the fatty foods (i.e., fast food, etc…). :)

  17. Linda Kwolek says

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  18. Kasee Johnson says

    I threw away the deep fryer. My GOAL for the year is to make my exercise un-routine a little more routine, too.

  19. Jill Myrick says

    We are eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, deleting processed foods from our diet and exercising daily.


  20. Amy Boelk says

    By winning this contest and purchasing new supplements and yummy fruits and veggies from my fav store Whole Foods!!

  21. ACMommy3 says

    By drinking more water, cutting down on the sugar and exercising more! And also choosing not to stress out over things that won’t matter a year or two from now. :-)

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