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Horizon is a brand that for 20 years has had one goal in mind:

 To bring you the very best organic dairy products we can

Now that many of our little ones are making their ways back to school Horizon wants to work with you and other moms by providing information and tools. What hey provide moms include:

Top 10 Best Back to School Foods List

Developed by Horizon in partnership with Dr. Alan Greene M.C., F.A.A.P., a noted pediatrician, author and nationally-recognized expert in organic nutrition. The list includes recommendations of foods for healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks for back to school. I’m happy to send you the complete list if you’d like to post it.

Healthy Families Back to School


Be sure to leave a comment once you have completed an entry.

Online community where parents can connect on topics ranging from money-saving back-to-school tips to ideas for fun ways to get kids ready to head back to the classroom.

Horizon’s Toolbox for Mom

Facebook application on Horizon’s Facebook page, complete with news, offers and advice to support parents as the school year begins.

Be sure to also check out the Back to School Blues Video Matchup where you vote daily on the best video. A winner will be named “Fan Favorite” Click on the image below for more information.


Rafflecopter Giveaway

Horizon and Organic Mommy Today want to offer one mom a chance to win a ‘Mom’s Survival kit’. In the kit you get quite a few goodies:

  • A bag of Dove Promise Chocolates
  • Bath and Body Works Bubble Bath (the one I received was Carried Away you may receive a different scent)
  • Scented Candle
  • Aromatherapy lotion
This is my Mom’s Survival Kit:
Enter below to win yours!


    • Celeste says

      I still have both my little ones my son just turned 4 so he will be starting the VPK program soon and my daughter is 2 so I have a few more years teaching her here. I have thought of doing homeschooling.

    • Celeste says

      I hope my little ones will enjoy it as much as I did. My favorite part about the back to school season is stocking up on my office supplies and the future needs for the kids when they are ready to start school.

    • Celeste says

      I am definitely with you there about wishing school year-round! I think the students would be able to retain more. Here in Florida they are actually considering cutting the school day back!!!

    • Celeste says

      My son is only gone for 3 hours and my daughter is too young to go so by the time he gets home and I am trying to finish up work, get dinner started, and close down everything for the night, the Dove chocolate and the bubble bath really came in handy ;)

  1. valerie says

    I am coping very well so far. My son just started preschool so everytime I leave he starts to cry. So we both sat down yesterday and had a mother son talk about how mommy needs to go. How school is fun and just basically teaching him that it’s ok. 3 hours in class, he will get used to it soon

  2. katie klein says

    Mine are too little to go to school yet but I think i would enjoy the quiet at first but miss them at the same time!

  3. [email protected] says

    Coping just fine. They are home.
    TES 1283 yahoo

  4. Tara Haidinger says

    I was glad for my two older daughters to be back in school. They enjoy going, and it makes it easier for me to take care of my baby.

  5. Ani G W says

    I have only one of my little ones in school and two still at home, so I actually miss my oldest some, but he LOVES school, so it makes it easier on everyone! I use mom’s day out once a week if I need some extra time to myself.

  6. Peggy says

    even though I get my “me time” when they are at school, it’s stressful making sure they get there on time, then after school activities….I’m already ready for summer!!!

  7. Susie C. says

    My daughter doesn’t start school for another month and she is NOT looking forward to it. We’re coping by reading The Bearenstain Bears Go to School and telling her how fun it will be!

  8. Jenn B says

    I have to say the days leading up to the first day was stressful. But everything turned out great in the end.

  9. Mandy Kauffman says

    My little guy is still in daycare, so he’s still in school year round! Always tough to leave him during the day though. :(

  10. Adrian Simpson says

    Here in Florida they are actually considering cutting the school day back!!! My daughter doesn’t start school for another month and she is NOT looking forward to it.
    Adrian Simpson recently posted..Many MopsMy Profile

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